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Ginger Tea In Pregnancy: Beating Morning Sickness

    Ginger has always been used in medicine and herbal remedies for pregnancy as it is full of nutrients but did you know that you could have ginger tea in pregnancy instead of eating raw ginger because that has a very sharp taste and a pungent smell that would just put you off and increase your morning sickness?


    Ginger is a flowering plant which bears flowers and leaves just like any other plant and comes from the same species of plants that grow cardamom, galangal and turmeric. But, what makes it different is the medicinal gold that is hidden under the ginger plant; the root.

    Ginger root, or most commonly known as ginger is a spice that has been used since a long time, in not just foods but also medicine throughout the world.

    Originating from South East Asia, this was perhaps the first spice that was exported out of Asia. Due to its numerous uses and benefits, ginger has been a staple in many households throughout the globe, people used it as a spice while cooking food, use it in medicine, in drinks, in candy, and whatnot.

    Ginger is available in many different forms. Some of the most commonly used forms of ginger are:

    • Fresh and raw
    • Powdered
    • Dried
    • Candied
    • Ground
    • Tea

    What Is Ginger Tea?

    Ginger tea is a medicinal drink that has been used by herbalists since a long time. It could be called ginger water since it is just that, but the reason why people call it tea is because it is usually consumed hot or warm, and drinking it on room temperature or cold is unheard of (you could still have it that way though).

    ginger tea in pregnancy

    Ginger tea is a concoction made by brewing thin slices of the ginger root in hot water. It has a light spicy undertone of flavor to it, and usually consumed with a drop of honey or lemon to cut down the pungency.

    Ginger tea, just like ginger, is a powerhouse of flavor and is packed full of nutrients. It is a great source of Vitamin C, magnesium, has small amounts of zinc and other minerals. It has an abundance of gingerol that helps with nausea and also helps with arthritis pain, and shogaol that has anti-inflammatory properties, it is antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, and anti-allergic.

    Consuming just a cup of ginger tea will help you in so many ways that you will be amazed yourself.

    Significance of Ginger Tea in Pregnancy

    Ginger tea is one of the most sought after organic pregnancy tea that women opt for during their pregnancy journey. It has a plethora of nutrients and almost zero risks. A single cup of tea deals with so many pregnancy-related issues that it almost seems like a magical potion.

    Ginger Tea for Pregnancy

    From beating nausea, to bloating, and fighting colds and cough, this tea is an absolute must-have during your pregnancy. Many ob-gyns tell you to avoid cough medicine during pregnancy and that is why ginger tea is usually recommended instead.


    There are tremendous benefits of having ginger tea in pregnancy. Some of the benefits are:

    • Helps alleviate nausea
    • Curbs bloating
    • Helps with morning sickness
    • Great for digestion
    • Excellent remedy for cold and cough
    • Boosts immunity

    Due to its medicinal properties, up to 4 cups of ginger tea can be consumed in a day during pregnancy.

    Is It Safe to Drink Ginger Tea During Pregnancy?

    If you look at the literature available online regarding the risks of ginger tea, you will find that there is not substantial research done in this matter as ginger tea is considered a herbal remedy that does not have much scientific backing but is still considered effective.

    On the whole, it is safe to drink ginger tea in pregnancy as it does not pose much danger and there are no such complications that have occurred by its consumption. However, over dosage of anything can have adverse effects, and such is the case with having ginger tea in pregnancy.


    It is said that over dosage of ginger tea in pregnancy can lead to:

    • Vaginal Bleeding
    • Spotting
    • Preterm Cramping
    • Non-pregnancy: It can lead to an early period

    So, ginger tea should be avoided in the third trimester of your pregnancy which is the 7th – 9th month. If you are a habitual tea drinker and would still like to drink tea at the end of your pregnancy, then you could opt for raspberry leaf tea instead.

    When to Drink Ginger Tea in Pregnancy?

    Ideally, the best time to have ginger tea in pregnancy is during the first and second trimesters which is the first six months of pregnancy. The main reason for this is because the medicinal properties of ginger help combat nausea and morning sickness which tend to be highest during this time.

    Additionally, as mentioned above, a few risks involving ginger tea may come into account at the end of your pregnancy so it is better to avoid the tea in the third trimester.

    People also say that ginger tea is best for NOT getting pregnant, even though there is not enough scientific research to back the claim and this more of a granny’s tale, but many people are of the idea that if you want to avoid getting pregnant, then having ginger tea is helpful. So, women who want conceive should stay clear.

    How to Make Ginger Tea

    How to make ginger tea

    There are two simple and extremely effective ways of making a good cup of ginger tea:

    Fresh Ginger Method

    The fresh ginger method uses fresh ginger root to make tea. All you have to do is

    • Take about an inch or an inch and a half piece of ginger root, slice it thinly, you do not have to peel the skin off, just make sure it is rinsed and clean.
    • Add it in boiling water for about 5 minutes. You can add it for longer if you wanted a stronger cup, but 5 minutes is usually enough.
    • Strain it and take the ginger root out, and enjoy.
    • You can add a drop of lemon juice or honey to enhance the flavor.

    Ginger Tea Bag Method

    There are many companies that make ginger tea using dried ginger, and these are just as good. To make a cup of ginger tea from a tea bag, all you have to do is,

    • Put hot water in a cup.
    • Add the ginger tea bag.
    • Steep for about 2-3 minutes, or longer depending on your preference.
    • Discard the tea bag and enjoy your tea.
    • You can add a drop of honey or lemon juice for better flavor.

    Ginger tea is widely available throughout the market in different forms.


    Drinking ginger tea in pregnancy is an absolutely safe and effective way to ease morning sickness and nausea. Ginger tea is like liquid gold for pregnant women and just two cups can help you combat many issues. You can choose to prepare your cup with fresh ginger or go for a more convenient option which is to buy ginger tea bags a blend of ginger tea.

    There are many great blends of ginger tea available, some of them are Earth Mama Ginger Nausea Tea, Lifestyle Awareness Organic Ginger Root Tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Aid Tea.

    You could also opt for a multi-blend option such as Nitto Ginger and Yuzu Stick Tea, Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Lemon Ginger Echinacea Tea, Bigelow Benefits Ginger & Peach Organic Tea as these will give you added benefits.