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Pregnancy Tape for Back Pain: Your Relief Guide

    Choosing a pregnancy tape for back pain might sound complicated, given the many options available. The best thing to do would be to narrow down your options according to your preference and then decide which one to pick.


    Your pregnancy journey will be memorable to you for a number of reasons, you will see your body change over time and then get back into shape (that in itself is one of the most wonderful things to witness), and you will go through a myriad of emotions, some that you may never have noticed before, you will have cravings for a range of foods that you probably liked before pregnancy or you hated.

    Along with these adorable little feats, there is one thing that you will have to bear for the majority of your journey, which is back pain.

    Yes, back pain during pregnancy is very much real, do not undermine it. The back pain that women suffer during their pregnancy is perhaps one of the most daunting things to deal with, it is unlike any other back pain you have had (unless you have a chronic issue related to your back).

    Reasons for Back Pain During Pregnancy

    During the first trimester, you will probably not feel any back pain and everything will be going well, except perhaps morning sickness. It is during the second trimester when you will start feeling some pain in your back and it will gradually increase in severity as your third trimester progresses.

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    There are many reasons why you have back pain during pregnancy. Some of the most common reasons are:

    1. Expanding uterus – During the second trimester, as your baby grows, so does your uterus. This causes the gravitational shift and all the strain comes on your back.
    2. Stretching of muscles – In order to accommodate the baby and the growing uterus, your muscles will stretch out and loosen. This stretching is painful and adds to your back pain.
    3. Change in posture – No matter how hard you try to stand straight and keep your posture intact, during pregnancy, the extra weight on your front tends to arch your back and constant arching then makes the back hurt.
    4. Weight gain – Women tend to gain weight during pregnancy, your entire body’s weight and the growing tummy cause stress on the back.

    How To Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy?

    There are a number of ways that doctors suggest back pain can be lessened during pregnancy. Some of the most common ways are:

    Sleeping on Your Side

    According to the NHS, there are a few bump-friendly sleep positions, and the safest way to sleep during pregnancy is to sleep on your side as sleeping on your back can increase the chances of stillbirth, and also put strain on your back.

    So, it is best to sleep on your side, with your knees slightly bent, you can take a pregnancy pillow for extra comfort and that should help you relieve some of the back pain.

    If you wake up and find that you are on your back, you don’t need to panic, just turn back to being on your side and go to sleep.

    Avoid High Heels

    Heels put a strain on your lower torso, when you wear heels, your calf muscles and all the muscles up to your back have to be extra vigilant so there is additional strain on them. That, combined with your belly weight can be a major reason for your back pain.

    Comfortable, flat shoes or sneakers are the best way to help with back pain during pregnancy.

    Exercise and Posture Correction

    It is noted that people who do not move around too much or spend most of their time lying down during pregnancy, are more prone to backaches. The muscles stiffen and cause pain when they aren’t being worked too much.

    It is advised to be as active as you can during pregnancy, and try to walk as straight as you can (even though that is a bit difficult) so that you can minimize back pain by keeping your muscles active and by diverting your mind off the back pain.

    Using Pregnancy Tape as Support

    A great way to lessen the pain is to use pregnancy tape for back pain. Pregnancy belly tape or kinesiology tape is a medical-grade tape with gentle adhesion that sticks to your body and helps with muscle control.

    Pregnancy tapes are trending in the pregnancy support wear industry and are providing miraculous results.

    Does Pregnancy Belly Tape Really Work?

    To put it in a nutshell, yes it does.

    pregnancy belly tape

    Pregnancy tapes are a great alternative to pregnancy belly bands and other maternity support wear. They are light and can be worn discreetly under clothing. They help with lifting the belly and redistributing the weight so the strain comes off your pelvis, back, and hips.

    Made with adhesives that mimic the texture of your skin, they are light and do not chafe your skin so they can be worn easily for long periods of time.

    Which Is the Best Pregnancy Tape for Back Pain?

    There are numerous pregnancy tapes available in the market but the best pregnancy belly tape for back pain would be one which allows additional support to the back.

    There are many types available but the ones that are pre-cut in specific shapes may not be useful because most of them just tend to the belly and lift that.

    Pregnancy tapes that come in rolls that have to be cut manually will be the better option as you can use those for multiple purposes such as taping the back and taping the pelvis along the usual under-belly taping.

    Some of the best options are KT Tape and RockTape pregnancy tapes.

    How Do You Tape Your Back When Pregnant?

    How Do You Tape Your Back When Pregnant?
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    There are many different ways on how to KT Tape a pregnant belly:

    1. You can use the tape in a U-shape under the belly and then add additional tape that goes from under the belly, to your back, in a broad U-shape.

    2. Take two strips of tape and put them in an X-shape on your lower back to help with muscle control.

    3. Another way to is to take two strips of tape and place them vertically on your lower back, on both sides of the spinal cord to give the spine extra support.


    Pregnancy tape, or KT tape is relatively new to the pregnancy world but has been used in the medical field for a long time and has proven to be very effective. Pregnant women started using the tape not so long ago but ever since the word got out, there has been no looking back.

    People rave about the benefits that it provides and the ease of wearing it because pregnant women realize how daunting it can be to have extra elements on your body when you are already carrying so much extra weight.

    Pregnancy belly tapes are a wonderful addition to the maternity wear category and it seems like there is no looking back for this product. This can be seen by the number of companies jumping on the bandwagon and producing these tapes as every other day a new company is seen promoting them.

    There are different types of belly tapes and you should know which one is the right one for you!