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Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Review

    Pregnancy belly band, also sometimes known as back brace is a great pregnancy add-on that you can buy during pregnancy. Have you ever given a second thought to buying maternity pants? No, right? The reason is that maternity pants are an absolutely essential during pregnancy.

    So, then why do we think so many times before buying a pregnancy belly band? It should not come as an optional product as it is as important as maternity pants. Maternity belly bands are safe and a great way to protect yourself from unwanted aches and pains during pregnancy.


    The purpose of the Jill & Joey Maternity Belt review is to not only highlight the main aspects of the band, but to also have an in-depth look at the core purpose and ideology behind the brand, and the essence that it tends to spread. The purpose is fairly simple per se, but the ideology of the brand tells much about the thought put in the product.

    Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Amazon

    Jill & Joey is a well thought out brand, much like the name suggests. The name Jill & Joey was crafted with the concept of a kangaroo and its baby in mind. Just like a baby is safe in it’s mom’s pouch, the maternity band protects the baby within and keeps him/her safe.

    The concept behind Jill & Joey is that female kangaroos are often referred to as ‘Jill’ and the baby of a kangaroo is called ‘Joey’. By combining both the names, the brand created the perfect image of a mom kangaroo carrying her baby, just like a human would.

    This conceptual brand provides one of the best pregnancy belly bands and the core ideology shows the determination. If the name has been kept with such thought-building concepts, imagine the thought that went behind the product itself.

    One of the Best Sellers

    The women who have used the Jill & Joey Maternity Band consider it as one of the best bands out there. They say that it is super soft, it doesn’t feel like they are wearing an additional garment and the best part is that they can wear it while sitting down as well. This is one feat that other pregnancy belly bands don’t generally have.

    What It Offers

    The Jill & Joey Maternity Belly Band is a state-of-the-art designed belly band which offers:

    • great comfort during pregnancy as it controls bladder pressure.
    • it great for alleviating back and joint pain.
    • great comfort during pregnancy as it very soft.
    • provides gentle compression and lifts the belly.
    • helps with many pregnancy related problems such as round ligament pain, pelvic girdle pain, push-down pain etc.

    Product Details

    Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Review

    Size & Color

    The Jill & Joey Maternity Belly Band is available in two colors:

    • Beige
    • Black

    It offers two sizes to choose from:

    • Medium – This band has a length of 45in/114cm, and width of 6in/15cm. It is suitable for a lower belly circumference of 28-53 inch / 71-135 cm
    • Large – This band has a length of 55in/140cm, and width of 6in/15cm. It suitable for a lower belly circumference of 28-63 inch / 71-160 cm


    The band, also called brace is made of ultra soft cotton so that it is not harsh on the skin and the materials used are very breathable and lightweight, not to mention super elastic, so they can easily hug your abdomen, without giving the feeling of being constrained. The front abdominal pad has a mesh-like fabric which promotes aeration.

    Jill and Joey Maternity Belt Review

    The back strap is fully elastic and is very soft so you can easily pull it up to the front. The fastening system is made of velcro hook and loop and is very easy to fasten.


    This is a reusable product and can be easily machine washed on low, with cold water and can be tumble dried before reusing.

    Why Is It So Popular?

    This Jill & Joey Maternity Band review lets people know the real reason why women opt for Jill & Joey and not any other maternity band. It has sold thousands of bands and women say it is not thick like other bands, its super soft and elastic. The best part about this maternity band is if you don’t like it, they give you a 100% money back guarantee.

    Whom Is It For?

    This belly band is great for people who:

    • suffer from round ligament pain.
    • have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).
    • do not want stretch marks during pregnancy.
    • who want to remain active during pregnancy and can’t take numerous bathroom breaks.
    • suffer from edema in pregnancy.
    • for people who are looking for a reasonable yet practical baby shower gift to give to their loved ones.

    How to Wear It

    The best way to wear the Jill & Joey Maternity Band is to place the mesh-based abdominal pad in the lower-center of your abdomen, take the band back and and fasten the band with the velcro at the back. Tighten it as much as you want, it should be tight enough that it doesn’t fall down while doing any activity but should not be too tight to constrict breathing or causing discomfort.

    Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

    6.8 out of 10
    Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

    Jill & Joey Maternity Belt is another great option to invest in if your purpose is to have gentle compression on your tummy during pregnancy. It is made with a breathable fabric that allows a gentle lifting feel of your belly, and provides subtle support to your back, helping with growing pelvic and back pains that occur during pregnancy.

    Made of a light, breathable fabric that can be worn under your clothes, it is a good option in the early stages of pregnancy, and also good for postpartum compression.

    Sizes: Medium, Large

    Level of Comfort
    6.5 out of 10
    Available in specific sizes.
    7 out of 10
    The breathable and lightweight fabric does not create discomfort.
    Value For Money
    7 out of 10
    Priced fairly competitively, it is reasonable for all the benefits it offers.

    What We Liked

    Provides gentle back, abdominal and pelvic support

    Light & breathable fabric

    Good for postpartum compression

    What We Disliked

    Limited sizes available

    No additional Support straps


    The Jill & Joey Maternity Belly Band Review had one simple purpose; to analyse whether the product is amongst the league of the top ten best pregnancy belly bands. The belly band itself may seem as a fairly basic, and run of the mill design, with nothing additional to offer.

    However, the customers who have used it have a totally different perspective. They claim that this belly band is Godsend and is the most comfortable thing to wear even with the growing belly. The limited size factor should have been a problem but the people who have used this product say that there is no issue with the size either and that it is really good for all, and it is very stretchable so size is not a problem at all.

    So, Jill & Joey Maternity Belly Band has apparently got the people’s vote and is one of the best investments that people have made during pregnancy.