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Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band Review

    Belly binding or belly compression is a ancient technique that has been prevalent among women of all castes, creeds and races since the advent of time. In the ancient days, pregnant women used to tie a long piece of cloth around their belly to give it a ‘lifted’ feel and help them go about their day.

    It was effective and provided compression to the belly, did not give a push-down effect which caused eventual pain and helped them get rid of some of the back pain that pregnancy brings along.

    In the modern day and age, the same concept of belly binding was taken and redesigned, recrafted and relaunched by the name of pregnancy belly band. These belly bands are a new and improved take on the ancient technique of belly binding, which provides you the benefits of belly compression and the added features give your so many more perks.

    The Gepoetry Belly Band Review is a small step towards making you understand the need of wearing belly bands and why they are so popular nowadays.


    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is considered a maternity essential. It is one of the best pregnancy belly bands available and it’s usage has brought about wonders in the mental and physical well-being of women. Gepoetry Belly Band is designed specifically the hug the contours of your belly, and make you feel comfortable and snug, while providing apt compression and making it seem as if it is a part of you.

    What It Offers

    This Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band review is not just an overview of a product, rather it is an inspection of its features, to closely monitor and scrutinize the benefits, and to bring all the pros and cons to you so that it may help you decide which product you should opt for.

    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band Review

    The belly band comes with a variety of benefits that all belly bands provide. The benefits are:

    • posture correction during pregnancy and postpartum.
    • it helps stabilize the hips during motion and any movement.
    • supports the joints and bones that are most affected during pregnancy.
    • provides support to the back and alleviates back pain.
    • lifts the weight off the lower body, which decreases swelling in the legs and feet.
    • covers the belly so you don’t inadvertently scratch, reducing the risk of stretch marks.

    Product Details

    Size & Color

    The Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band comes in one size, but the size is adjustable and elastic enough which can easily fit women in all stages of pregnancy, even postpartum. The velcro fastening allows you to fasten the band as tightly or as loose as you want.

    It is available in two neutral colors, black and beige, and can be worn discreetly under your clothes, or over a light t-shirt if you feel that it might cause itchiness on your skin.


    The Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is ergonomically designed to ensure everlasting durability and it uses materials that are gentle on your skin.

    It is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric, with a cotton abdominal padding, covered with a soft mesh material which does not cause soreness. The back strap is stretchable and uses elastic-based materials so that it can be stretched as much as you want.

    There is a velcro hook & loop closure that enables the band to stick firmly in place without falling off or getting loose.


    It is easily washable in the machine, using cold water and on low setting. You can tumble dry it.

    Why Is It So Popular?

    One of the reasons why it is so popular among women is because of its durability and longevity. Many customers have given a Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band review and nearly all of them said it was very easy to use and it did lasted throughout their pregnancy.

    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band Review Black

    One woman also commented that she was pregnant with twins and had a healthy bump, yet this belly band did not show signs of wear and tear and held up throughout her entire pregnancy journey.

    Whom Is It For?

    The Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is a great support system for women who:

    • suffer from pregnancy aches and pains.
    • are pregnant with twins or triplets or more.
    • would like retain their upright posture even in pregnancy.
    • want to fix their posture post pregnancy, especially if they’ve had a C-section.
    • have had a C-section recently and would like gentle compression on the tummy.
    • suffer from round ligament pain or pelvic pressure during pregnancy.

    How to Wear It

    Many people might laugh and think why is there a need to inform about the correct way to wear a belly band because it is seemingly easy and looks fairly basic but trust me, one of the main reasons why people reject the belly band and say it is useless is because they didn’t wear it correctly and so couldn’t get anything out of it.

    The best way to fasten the Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is to wrap it around your lower abdomen, ensuring that your belly is slightly lifted when you fasten it. To do this, it is optimum to wear your band while lying down, with your face up.

    When you lie down, slide the band from under your back, and then bring it to the front, and fasten it with the velcro provided, fastening it as snugly as you want. Make sure you don’t fasten it too tightly or too loose.

    When you stand up, you will feel like your belly is lifted and you will have instant calm take over you.

    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band

    7.7 out of 10
    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band

    Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is a great and commendable band that allows complete comfort to your belly, back, pelvis and hips. It also helps with the different medical issues that might spring up during pregnancy.

    It is ergonomically designed, and made of materials that are light and breathable, so you can wear it for long periods of time without feeling like you have anything additional on. The material is stretchable and good to go for your entire journey of pregnancy.

    This band helps with posture correction and can also be worn by moms who have recently had a C-section.

    Sizes: One Size

    Level of Comfort
    7.5 out of 10
    Stretchable size, one size fits all.
    7.5 out of 10
    The breathable and lightweight fabric does not create discomfort.
    Value For Money
    8 out of 10
    Priced competitively, it is reasonable for all the benefits it offers.

    What We Liked

    Provides back, abdominal and pelvic support

    Light & breathable fabric

    Corrects posture

    What We Disliked

    Only one size available

    No additional support Straps


    The Gepoetry Maternity Belly Band is a standard maternity band and one of many available in the market. It is economical, long-lasting and fulfills the purpose that it is intended for. However, it does not come with any added benefits, or any additional support straps that may make it unique or different from the rest.

    If you are looking for a standard belly band then this would be a good option but if you are looking for a band with unique specifications like a belly band for active pregnancy or a belly band that provides added support to the belly, then there are many other alternatives available that you could look at.