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What Are the Side Effects of Maternity Belly Band?

    The phase of pregnancy is a beautiful one in a woman’s life. Being pregnant is not only life-changing but enlightening too. The feeling of carrying a baby in your belly for nine months, and then bringing an entire human being in this world is just surreal.

    Are Women Insecure During Pregnancy?

    People say that motherhood is a phase that people can only perceive if they experience it. Women go to great lengths to protect their babies, whether they’ve been born or are within. Women would do anything to keep themselves and their babies safe.

    What Are the Side Effects of Maternity Belly Band?

    Being insecure during pregnancy is very common. Most women feel insecure about everything; themselves, people around them and especially about the baby they are carrying inside.

    They have a natural instinct to protect the baby and that leads to them being skeptical and insecure about everything.

    This is the reason why many women invest in pregnancy belly bands, so that they are comfortable and healthy, and thus, bring a healthy baby in the world.

    Many women are skeptical about buying or using things in pregnancy, that is why they ask hundreds of questions before buying things, such as what the side effects of maternity belly band is or what are sleeping pillows for.

    Their questioning is apt and not to be judged because they don’t want to cause any harm to their child. That is why it is essential to know all the pros and cons of the products they are using.

    Side Effects of Using Maternity Belly Bands

    Maternity belly bands, even though are safe and recommended by doctors throughout the world, do have certain set backs attached to them. The drawbacks are not fatal to women or their babies, but can be a reason for discomfort and there is a bleak chance it could cause complications.

    Side Effects of Using Maternity Belly Bands

    Some of the most common side-effects of using maternity bands are:

    Muscle Weakness

    One of the most common side effect of using maternity bands for a long period of time is the over usage of them. Women often times wear the bands constantly and that, in the long run could lead to over dependence and if used for prolonged periods, cause your abdominal muscles to weaken as they get used to the artificial compression and support.


    Do not wear the belly band for prolonged hours. 2-3 hours at a stretch is the ideal length of time to wear the band.

    Indigestion & Heartburn

    Belly bands are a safe way to provide compression to your tummy, but in doing so, if you wear the belt for a long period of time or too tightly, it could put pressure on your organs, and it could cause indigestion and heartburn.


    Try and wear the band which fits you perfectly, but is not too tight.

    Constricted Blood Flow

    By wearing the belly band too tight, or using a band that is too small for you, you could constrict your blood flow. This means that the blood that flows through your veins has difficulty in passing through and this could lead to low blood pressure and dizziness.


    Buy a belly band that is of your size (size charts are usually given on websites) and do not buy a belly band that is too small for you.


    There is a widespread misconception that wearing belly bands could suffocate your baby. While this is absolutely wrong and you should not worry about your baby getting suffocated (as babies are well protected and are snug deep down in your tummy, under lots of different layers) it is possible that YOU could get suffocated.

    Belly bands come in different sizes usually, sometimes, if people use the wrong size or a smaller size, or if you tighten the band more than required, you could end up feeling suffocated because of the tightness. This could also be possible if you live in a hot and humid weather and you wear the belly band for a long time on a hot day.


    Try not to wear a tight belly band. If the weather is too hot, you could skip the band for a while and if you start feeling skin, take the belly band off.

    Skin Irritation

    Women who perspire a lot and usually those who live in warm climates, often complain that wearing a belly band for a long time causes skin irritation, chafing and sore skin due to prolonged use of the belly bands.


    The ideal way to protect yourself from skin irritation is to buy a belly band which is of a light and breathable fabric.


    Dear ladies, your questioning and stress regarding your baby is not to be judged. This just shows that you are a protective mom and willing to go the extra mile for your and your baby’s safety.

    You have all the right to inquire about the products that you use during pregnancy and about their safety. This is why pregnancy belly bands have doctors’ recommendations that they are safe.

    The only rule is, to use them for a couple of hours at a stretch, and not to use them for long periods of time and to get a belly band that is of your size.

    By following these basic steps, you will be able to use the belly bands to their full potential and you will notice that with regular use of these belly bands, your back pains are lessened and you will have much ease doing your everyday activities.