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Pre-Pregnancy: To Be or Not to Be, That Is the Question

    Every pregnancy journey starts off with the pre-pregnancy stage. Pre-pregnancy is not even considered a stage, if you look at it, because it is the stage where you are not pregnant so it could be any time in your life, technically.

    However, the way we look at pre-pregnancy is the stage where you are trying to conceive a child. It is synonymous with the word ‘pre-conception’. Here we talk about all the different aspects of pre-pregnancy.

    What Is the Pre-Pregnancy Stage?

    The pre-pregnancy stage is the period of time when you are not pregnant, but want to have a baby. The reason why we talk about this as a phase is because pre-pregnancy is not just any time in your life, it is a specific stage where you are looking to conceive or are pondering over whether you would like to have a baby.

    Should I Get Pregnant?

    This is a lingering question in women’s minds, whether you are trying to conceive for the first time, whether you already have kids, whether you love children or maybe your partner loves them, or whether you think it’s time for you to taste motherhood.

    People don’t really give two thoughts about getting pregnant, I mean how hard can it be, right? The ‘process’ that goes into getting pregnant seems fun, so maybe pregnancy would be easy as well. After all, women all over the world have it, and most have it multiple times, so how difficult could it be?

    Should I Get Pregnant?

    This is often the mindset of many women who have not had babies before, and rightly so, women all over the world DO have babies and it does seem easy and cute from afar. The baby shower, the cute belly bump, and the adorable little munchkins loitering around do give an endearing feeling.

    The reality is far from it though. The entire process of pregnancy, from the first trimester to the second trimester and third trimester, all the way to the ordeal of labor and childbirth, and then having to look after the baby, tend to them, and be at your toes 24/7 is a daunting task. One that looks easy, but is quite the opposite.

    So, if you feel like having a baby, then you should definitely go for it, but just keep a few things in mind:

    Mental Health

    The first and foremost element that you need to check is whether you are mentally ready to have a child. Most people conceive and think they will manage but end up in exhaustion and frustration because they are not mentally prepared to have a child.

    Bringing a child into this world is a laborious job, and looking after and nurturing the child is even more difficult. The last thing you want to do is become a toxic parent for your child only because you were not mentally ready to have a baby yet you decided to have one.

    So please, if you think you are mentally ready to take on this huge responsibility of nurturing a child and inculcating in them healthy habits, making them blossom, and making them rise high and shine then you should definitely go ahead and have kids but if you feel you need some time for yourself, then please look after yourself and keep yourself first!

    Financial Stability

    Pregnancy, regular doctor check-ups, hospital charges for delivery, and postpartum care all come at a price that is usually quite high. Having kids is a financially draining job. You might be in luck if you are in that part of the world where healthcare is free or subsidized, so you won’t have to worry much about pregnancy and delivery expenses.

    Pre Pregnancy Financial Stability

    But if you are in a part of the world where everything is paid for, then you would have a dent in your pocket because everything, from prenatal medicines to baby diapers, comes at a cost.

    Even if your healthcare is paid for, once your child has arrived, you will have recurring costs, and even diapers cost an arm and a leg these days so make sure you have figured out your finances before you have a baby.

    Physical Strength

    This is probably something no one pays heed to but it should be the highest on your priority list. Before deciding about having babies, make sure you are physically strong enough to handle the daunting challenges that lie ahead of you.

    It may seem trivial but a woman’s physical health and vitality are of absolute significance. You will be carrying and nurturing an entire human being inside of you for nine whole months. Not to mention carrying them on your hip for around two years afterward because the little buggers just don’t come off.

    Pregnancy and childbirth are strenuous and alter your body. Did you know that during pregnancy, your ligaments loosen from around your hip and pelvic area so that there is space for the baby to come out? This changes your body and bone structure and it’s not a piece of cake.

    Women who have already given birth before and are planning for another baby think they’ve got it all covered since they’ve done this before but what they don’t realize is that women who have already given birth before are even more prone to health issues and weakness.

    Ability to Bring Up a Child

    Now this might be a debatable topic because people are of the opinion that motherhood comes to women instinctively. Now, this might be true in most cases, but there are a few women who don’t want to have kids and that is absolutely fair. If you don’t want to have kids, you shouldn’t be pressured by anyone to do so.

    Ability to Bring Up a Child

    Women generally have a knack for looking after children, but there are always a few who don’t know how to go about looking after their child, and some people act frivolously during their pregnancy, resulting in adverse consequences for the child.

    The best thing would be to do a bit of homework and research beforehand so you know how to go about your pregnancy journey and how to look after your baby in a manner that is best for both of you. For example, smoking is hazardous during pregnancy and afterward, if your child is nearby, so you should not smoke while you are pregnant, or if you have given birth and your baby is nearby.


    It is essential to have yourself all ready mentally and physically so that you can carry the baby well, before and after they are born. So, ladies, make sure you are taking care of yourself well and prioritizing yourself because the weight of the future generations is on your shoulders!