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Maternity FitSplint Belly Band Review

    Maternity FitSplint Belly Band is a one-of-a-kind belly band which is a flexible and fully adjustable pregnancy belly band option for women who are on-the-go even during pregnancy. It is meticulously designed keeping in mind the fitness junkie mamas who love to be active even when carrying a baby within them.

    This band is made with clear precision and the materials used are carefully handpicked so that they are gentle on the skin, even if you sweat a lot.

    It is an absolutely safe product to use during pregnancy. People say that once they started using this band, is became a mandatory part of their workout apparel. The band is slim and not at all stiff so that it hugs the shape of your belly.

    It also comes with 5 prenatal exercises for free so you can get motivation to work out!

    One of the Top Sellers

    While researching to write the Maternity FitSplint Belly Band Review, our team found out that this product is amongst the top sellers at Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and it is especially loved by fitness lovers across the globe.

    Not just pregnant women, but C-section mamas or women who have given birth already are still using this band to get back in shape and are reaping benefits from this band.

    What It Offers

    This Maternity FitSplint Belly Band Review aims to tell the readers about the benefits this belly band has to offer. It provides:

    • Back support during pregnancy.
    • Belly support.
    • Gentle compression to the belly.
    • Support to the belly and back during workout and exercise
    • Comfort even if you perspire a lot.
    • Dupport to the belly muscles if you have diastasis recti.
    • Great running support and motion control of your bump.
    • Additional prenatal exercises as an add-on to keep you motivated during pregnancy.
    • Aeration through the narrow slits in the design of the band.

    Product Details

    Maternity Fit Splint is a great option for mamas-to-be who like to work out, run, jog, have a non-sedentary job, or like to remain active.

    Size & Color

    This band comes in a pack of 1 in different sizes that you can choose from. The sizes are according to your pre-pregnancy waist size, so choose accordingly. The sizes are:

    • Small – for pre-pregnancy waist size 24″-29″ (US 0-6 pre-pregnancy jeans size)
    • Medium – for pre-pregnancy waist size 30″-36″ (US 6-12 pre-pregnancy jeans size)
    • Large – for pre-pregnancy waist size 37″-43″ (US 12-20 pre-pregnancy jeans size)

    It comes in a standard black color.


    The Maternity FitSplint Belly Band is chosen after careful evaluation of the fabric which will not cause skin irritation or soreness even after hours of perspiration. The materials used to craft this band are:

    • Aerated Neoprene
    • Silicone
    • Nylon


    The band can be machine-washed with cold water on gentle cycle, and tumble dry it on low.

    Why Is It So Popular?

    The Maternity FitSplint Belly Band is a popular option amongst all fitness freaks and is recommended by many fitness trainers to all pregnant women who don’t want their belly to cause hindrance in their fitness regimens.

    Most women commented that it is the flexibility of this band that proves to be a plus point and they love that it great for use during exercise and has made them be as active as their pre-pregnancy days.

    Whom Is It For?

    The Maternity FitSplint Belly Band Review aims to ascertain the best uses of this belly band and what it has to offer. This belly band is a great option for:

    • Women who love to work out or stay active during pregnancy.
    • Women who have diastasis recti issues after pregnancy.
    • Women who are dealing with bladder pressure issues during pregnancy.
    • Women who perspire a lot during pregnancy and other materials could skin soreness or irritation.
    • People with prevailing back pain or who have back-aches during pregnancy.
    • People with sciatic pain and other pelvic or back problems.

    How to Wear It

    This Maternity FitSplint Belly Band Review does not just tell you about the product, but we also tell you the nitty-gritties of each feature and how you can utilize the product to its fullest.

    You know what the best part about the Maternity FitSplint Band is? It can be worn in three different ways! Yes, this is perhaps it’s unique selling point and something that makes it stand out from the rest.

    The team at Maternity FitSplint has designed the band in such a way that you can decide for yourself which style suits you best and go ahead with that option. You can also try all three styles and choose the one that works for you.

    Maternity FitSplint
    1. The first style is the standard tube style, in which you wrap it around your lower abdomen and fasten it with the velcro, this will provide gentle compression and keep your tummy snug at the same time.
    Maternity FitSplint Instructions

    2. The second way is to wrap it all around your tummy, where it will cover your upper and lower halves of the stomach, for greater compression and motion control.

    Maternity FitSplint Review

    3. The third style, and the one most suggested for use during workout is to wear the band with the straps covering the upper and lower portions of the belly, but with a small slit in the middle for aeration and to keep the upper tummy in place to have greater motion control while working out or running.

    The straps can be separated for better motion control when you are active or you can fasten them down for increased hip and pelvic support.

    It is suggested you wear it under your clothes or wear it over a light t-shirt so that you don’t have any irritation if your skin is sensitive.

    Maternity FITsplint

    7.5 out of 10
    Maternity FITsplint

    Maternity FITsplint is a maternity band that has been made for mamas who love to work out, run and engage in physical activities even while pregnant. The special two-strap support style firmly protects the back, the pelvis and also provides adequate compression.

    The top strap helps in reducing excess movement of the belly, which is useful for people who love to work out, jog, run, or do yoga. The slit provides some breathability to the skin so you don’t feel restrained in the band.

    Different sizes available.

    Level of Comfort
    7.5 out of 10
    The two-strap support creates gentle compression.
    7.5 out of 10
    Made of nylon, neoprene and silicone.
    Value For Money
    7.5 out of 10
    Priced competitively, it is reasonable for the benefits it offers.

    What We Liked

    Great for women who work out, especially runners

    Two strap support

    Mid slit helps breathability

    What We Disliked

    Nylon could cause skin irritation

    Sizing based on pre-pregnancy waist size


    We, at Belly Bumpy Ride, highly recommend this product and we believe it is a great addition to your workout wear, it will tick all the boxes that a maternity band is supposed to and give you added benefits and required compression as well. All the mamas who don’t want to leave exercising or their everyday jog, this one’s for you!