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SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape: Comfort and Support

    SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape is one of the best-selling pregnancy tapes on the market. A pregnancy belly tape is a medical-grade tape used to tape the belly as your uterus expands. Based on the concept of kinesiology taping, belly tapes provide comfort and relief to growing pains that occur during pregnancy.

    What Is SpiderTech?

    According to their LinkedIn profile, SpiderTech manufactures the world’s most innovative therapeutic kinesiology tape.

    Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, they are the leading kinesiology-tape producers and serve the health and fitness industry. They have been providing taping solutions for sports injuries since 2008.

    The core purpose of the company is to provide relief and reduce pain provide injuries with blood flow, stability, and relief, and help the injury to heal faster.

    Catering to athletes worldwide, they are the go-to brand for many sportspeople who approve of the effectiveness of the SpiderTech tape and recommend it to everyone.

    What Does SpiderTech Offer?

    Kinesiology taping is not really a new concept, as these tapes have been used in different medical fields since the 70s. However, the experts at SpiderTech found a gap in the market and came up with ergonomically designed products that hit off instantaneously with the consumers.

    Even though kinesiology tapes are used in different capacities throughout the medical industry, such as being used for post-op treatment, by physiotherapists, etc. SpiderTech produces kinesiology tapes considering the needs of athletes, sportspeople, and fitness lovers.

    What Is SpiderTech?

    SpiderTech offers an array of products that can be used by everyone who may find the need for them but are marketed towards athletes, sportspeople, and people who are generally more active, such as gymnasts, dancers, runners, etc.

    What makes SpiderTech products stand out from the rest is that these tapes target one basic problem that nearly all people who use kinesiology tapes have: They are difficult to apply by your own self, if you don’t have enough practice.

    Generally, kinesiology tapes come in rolls (just like regular tape) and you are supposed to cut strips and apply them on the areas that need muscle control.

    The issue that usually occurs is that people find it difficult to apply the tape sometimes, for example, if you have to apply the tape on your shoulder, you might not be able to apply it easily and need someone else’s help.

    Another issue is how to apply the tape. There are different styles and shapes you need to apply the tape in, in order to get the most out of them. This makes it difficult for people to apply it if they don’t have enough knowledge of it.

    SpiderTech tackled this dilemma and designed its products to cater to both of these problems. They started manufacturing various pre-cut styles which are easy to apply, and come with applying guidelines. This not only makes it easy to apply the tape, but you also get the tape already cut in the shape that is most beneficial for you.

    The products are named after the body part so it’s easy for you to know which one to get for yourself.

    Some of the products that SpiderTech offers are:

    • Ankle Pro-Cut
    • Hip Pro-Cut
    • I-Strip
    • Knee Pro-Cut
    • Shoulder Pro-Cut
    • Postural Pro-Cut
    • Lower Back Pro-Cut
    • Two-Inch Roll
    • Pregnancy Tummy Tape

    SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape vs. Tummy Tape

    SpiderTech recently came up with a new variant in their products, which is the SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape. However, it seems that the pregnancy belly tape and its marketing did not get along with the sports-centric marketing of the SpiderTech company so they rebranded their pregnancy tape and relaunched it as a new product called the Tummy Tape.

    SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape vs. Tummy Tape

    This might confuse some people because if you search for SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape, a pregnancy tape might not pop up on their website, so you should search for Tummy Tape instead.

    That is because SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape and Tummy Tape are the same thing! The SpiderTech company came up with the Tummy Tape brand.

    It is the same tape, the same principles, same quality but looks like the consumer market is different so they built a new brand around it.

    This makes sense because if you are a new mom-to-be and you are searching for a pregnancy support tape for yourself, and you end up on a sports website, you might not be too keen on the products because sports products are generally adrenaline-based, strong, and sturdy whereas you are looking for something firm and gentle.

    That is perhaps why the SpiderTech company decided to launch a completely new brand because the target audience (the people who want to buy the tape) are pregnant women and they might have different questions and reservations in their mind.

    Significance of SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape

    The SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape, or rather, Tummy Tape, just like all the other SpiderTech products, is a best-seller pregnancy belly tape that comes in a pre-cut and easy-to-apply style, and the Tummy Tape Review certifies that it is a great product for pregnant women.

    Made with a breathable and elastic blend of cotton and spandex, it is a soft medical-grade tape that is gentle on your pregnant body and helps relieve the strain on your lower body by lifting the bump and dispersing the weight from the center of your tummy.

    spidertech tape for pregnancy

    The adhesive is specially designed to be gentle on your skin so that it does not harm your skin or cause any problems to the baby inside.


    Some of the benefits that SpiderTech Pregnancy Tape has to offer are:

    • It comes pre-cut so you don’t have to go through the hassle of cutting and applying it which may be difficult to do on your own.
    • It can be applied by yourself without anyone else’s help.
    • Lifts and supports the belly which helps in alleviating lower back pain, and pelvic pain.
    • Provides comfort to the belly.
    • Does not show under clothing and can be worn for longer periods of time.


    There are a few drawbacks of the SpiderTech Pregnancy tape.

    • The pre-cut style does not provide any extra support for the back.
    • Does not provide compression to the belly like a pregnancy belly band would.


    SpiderTech has produced some of great variants of the kinesiology tape, and their pre-cut tapes have taken the taping concept to another new level. Their passion and uncanny precision in analyzing the needs of people and the proposed solutions have proved to be a huge success in the taping world.

    The pregnancy tapes that they have come up with are a great way for pregnant women to ease their pregnancy pains, and feel comforted during this journey.

    After all, the one thing that women want during their pregnancy journey, when there are so many things going differently than planned, is a bit of support and comfort and a way to feel better. Support tapes help lower back pain, which helps you to breathe easily too.

    There are numerous benefits that pregnancy belly tapes provide and Tummy Tape is one of the best pregnancy belly tape available.