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Traditional Medicinals Tea Review

    Often a time, people are on the lookout for safe and healthy tea blends but fail to find good quality tea online. This need was the basic reason why Traditional Medicinals tea review was brought into view. Traditional Medicinals is one of the oldest organic tea retailers that has been the market leader for a long time.


    For the longest time, herbal remedies have been used in medicines to treat different ailments. The usage of medicines has been recorded since ancient times. The civilizations of Ancient China and Ancient Egypt are renowned for their medicinal research. Most of their medicines relied on herbs and plants and were known to be effective.

    In this day and age, and with the advent of technology and R&D, contemporary allopathic medicines have garnered great success and fame, and new medicines are being manufactured every day with increased benefits.

    Herbal Remedies: An Alternative Cure

    Most of us do not really opt for herbal remedies these days, but a lot of people all over the world still do. Herbal remedies are a cultural and integral part of many societies even today, especially when a woman is pregnant.

    Herbal Remedies

    Pregnancy is a beautiful yet delicate journey that a woman goes through in her life. This is why when a woman is pregnant, she is advised to stay away from as many medications as she can so that she or her baby may not have to suffer from any of the side effects.

    So, if a woman should stay clear of the superfluous use of medicines, and she still has many issues that need dealing with, such as morning sickness, pestering headaches and backaches, nausea, body ache, and whatnot then what other alternative does she have?

    The answer is simple: herbal medicines.

    Herbal medicines are usually the preferred option for many as they are free of steroids and gentler on the body. One widely used herbal medicine that is used during pregnancy is organic pregnancy tea. Organic teas are naturally caffeine-free and have naturally derived immunity boosters that help you all along your pregnancy journey.

    The Significance of Organic Pregnancy Tea During Pregnancy

    Organic pregnancy tea is not just a great herbal remedy for your pregnancy needs but it also provides a great drink that you can have during pregnancy. A lot of women are habitual of drinking tea or coffee on an everyday basis and find it pretty difficult to curb that habit when they get pregnant as tea and coffee has a high amount of caffeine.

    Caffeine is a complete no-no during pregnancy as it has many drawbacks and can be dangerous for you and your baby. That is why organic pregnancy tea is the next best option for you.


    There are numerous benefits that organic pregnancy tea has to offer. Some of them are:

    • It curbs morning sickness and nausea
    • Helps relieve heartburn, acidity, and gastric issues
    • Boosts immunity
    • Calms the nerves, helps you relax, and fights sleep deprivation
    • Stimulates labor
    • Refreshes your mind and body during pregnancy


    There are many benefits of having organic pregnancy tea but this does not mean that is completely harmless. There are a few risks attached as well and even though it is herbal, does not mean it is completely safe for you throughout your pregnancy.

    The most common risks are:

    • Consuming organic teas in moderation is fine but too much can be dangerous for you or your baby
    • There are different teas for different phases of your pregnancy for example, raspberry leaf tea should only be consumed at the end of your third trimester. If you are not well aware, then you could consume the tea untimely and that could be hazardous for you
    • Not all herbal teas are safe, especially non-commercial ones as they are not approved by the FDA.

    There are risks involved with consuming such a seemingly safe thing, such as tea, that is why it is essential that you buy your tea blends from a certified and FDA-approved brand that is conscious and has developed the tea blends keeping in mind the needs of the pregnant body.

    One such brand that caters to pregnant women is Traditional Medicinals.

    Traditional Medicinals: The Brand and Its Legacy

    The advent of Traditional Medicinals took place in early 60’s when a herbalist and an environmentalist put their heads together and devised an idea to help the community and also nurture the planet. The first shop of Traditional Medicinals opened up in 1974 and was considered a herb shop with different herbs for cough, cold, and other ailments.

    Now, nearly 50 years later, Traditional Medicinals is one of the leaders of the herbal tea market. Based in the USA, it is a certified B corporation and a California-registered benefit corporation. The board of directors are all experts in their fields, and not to mention great nature-lovers who have vowed to keep this company purpose-driven and benefiting plants and people alike.

    Why You Should Choose Traditional Medicinals Tea

    Traditional Medicinals are known for their purpose-driven approach and they do not make products for the sole purpose of earning a profit, rather, they invest in people and with adequate research and development, come up with products that benefit people and are gentle to mother nature as well.

    Some of the core values of Traditional Medicinals are:

    • Protect the planet
    • Protect Plants
    • Make herbal medicine accessible to all
    • Integrity oriented products
    • Serve the community where the products are being sourced from
    • Accountability

    Furthermore, they tend to join hands with the best suppliers in the world so that the tea blends that come to you are of the finest quality, and they assure that all the tea blends they offer are all approved by authorities which makes them relatively safe to consume.

    Being one of the leaders of organic and herbal tea on Amazon, they have a wide range of products to choose from, pregnancy and non-pregnancy related both.

    What Traditional Medicinals Tea Has to Offer

    Traditional Medicinals offers all-natural products that are safe and easy to use. Though they have a variety of products, their best-selling products are their organic teas, which are great for use in pregnancy.

    Traditional Medicinals Review

    With over 65 different tea blends to choose from, you can get a wide array of flavors, depending on your needs, whether you are pregnant or not.

    Some great tea blends for pregnancy that they offer are:

    1. Raspberry leaf tea/pregnancy tea
    2. Peppermint tea/gentle digest blend
    3. Lemon ginger tea/ginger aid tea/immune-zoom lemon ginger tea
    4. Elderberry tea
    5. Rooibos mushroom with rooibos & orange peel tea
    6. Chamomile tea/chamomile and ginger tea
    7. Fennel tea

    You can also opt for their pregnancy-related bundle packs which offer a variety of blends that you can choose from.

    1. Pregnancy comfort collection
    2. Nursing bliss blend

    What Traditional Medicinals Tea Doesn’t Offer

    Traditional Medicinals offers a variety of products and all of them are beneficial for pregnant women, however, what it does not notify or inform on its website or on the packaging of the products is which tea is useful for use in which trimester.

    Not all teas can be consumed in every trimester and if women have not done their background research, then a simple thing such as tea can prove to be harmful for them and their baby.

    Traditional Medicinals assume that women buying their tea blends, or buying the bundle packs already know which tea to consume. during which trimester. This may or may not be the case. If they notify women through their website or through their packaging and inform them when they should be consuming the tea, this would make choosing tea easier and would be an added benefit from their end.


    Traditional Medicinals is one of the pioneers of organic pregnancy tea blends and has been constantly improving and reviving its game in the natural and organic tea market. They have an array of products to choose from, so you go ahead and choose the tea that suits you best.