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Are Pregnancy Belly Bands Safe?

    The nine months of pregnancy are a bumpy ride. Where on one side pregnancy is indeed a beautiful journey, people often do not tell women about the not-so-beautiful other side of being pregnant; the aches, the pains, the constant feeling of being tired and what not. It’s not easy to empathize and the entire arduous journey can only be imagined by those who have been through it.

    Thankfully, this journey has been made relatively easy for the modern day woman, with the amount of products and services that are offered. Nowadays, you have numerous products for each step of the way. Yes, medicines are still avoided during this process, but there are plenty of products that substitute the need for medicines.

    One such product is a pregnancy belly band.

    What is a Pregnancy Belly Band?

    A pregnancy belly band, most commonly known as a maternity band, is a tube-like band made of a soft, lightweight and flexible material, to be used as a garment. Pregnancy belly bands are tied around the belly to give your bump a feeling of being ‘lifted’.

    This not only protects the bump, but provides compression and releases weight off the back and hips which provides instant relief from back pain, decreases round ligament pain and provides support to the bump.

    Are Pregnancy Belly Bands Safe For Me?

    The first question that comes to mind when people think of belly bands is, are they safe? Many women are skeptical to buy products and use new things during pregnancy as they are afraid of using things that may cause harm to them and their baby. Rightly so, as pregnancy is such a delicate phase in a woman’s life, it makes total sense that women and their significant others go a little paranoid when it comes to using new maternity-related products.

    Having said that, belly bands are absolutely safe and that is why they come under the category of maternity-wear. These bands are recommended by doctors throughout the world and doctors accept that these maternity bands provide comfort and ease to women, especially during work that may seem strenuous, such as exercising, walking or doing any physical activity.

    Pregnancy belly bands are just to protect and lift your bump, so that the excess weight at the front of your bump can be lifted and distributed. This takes off pressure from the back and the hips, so some of that back pain can be lessened.

    Are Pregnancy Belly Bands Safe For My Baby?

    A lot of women are concerned about their babies and even wonder if belly bands suffocate the baby. There is absolutely no research or cases that cause a sign for alarm for your baby suffocating if you wear a belly band. There is no such thing as babies suffocating if you wear these.

    Yes, if you wear the band too tight around your belly, there is a chance the blood flow could be constricted and in rare cases, could be hazardous for the baby. But, the how-to guide of every belly band strictly tells you to avoid tightening the band too much as first and foremost it would cause discomfort to you.

    So, belly bands are absolutely safe for you and the baby if you fasten and wear the band correctly and avoid all the don’ts regarding wearing belly bands.

    Are Belly Bands Safe For C-Section Moms?

    C-Section moms are no exception! Belly bands are absolutely safe for women who have had a C-section and they can also wear it to work on compressing their ‘pouch’. Belly bands do not treat C-section moms any different than vaginal birth moms!

    What Is The Safest Way Of Wearing A Belly Band?

    The safest way of wearing a belly band is to follow the instructions provided with the belly band. If there are none given, ensure that you fasten the belly band around your belly, and make sure it fits snug and is not too tight around your waist or bump. Secure any and all support bands given.

    Another important rule is to not wear the band for long periods of time. Shorter period of around 2-3 hours at a time is a good way to go about wearing the band.

    Can Belly Bands Be Unsafe?

    Yes, belly bands, if not worn correctly can be unsafe for you. Over usage and wearing it for long spans of time can cause overdependence and can cause muscle weakness in the long run. If you wear a belly band that is too tight or small for your size, you can end up with constricted blood flow, increased chances of nausea and heartburn and increased back pain.


    All in all, pregnancy belly bands are impressive support-wear that help you throughout your pregnancy, especially the latter trimesters. Just make sure you wear them correctly and you can have added support which is something every woman needs! Belly bands will give you comfort and brace you so that your physical activities seem effortless and you can breeze through the aches and pains like they never existed.

    Belly bands are great for use not only through the second and third trimester, but can also help you with postpartum tummy compression.