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Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

    Tea comes in many forms and standards, and is heavily consumed all over the world. Some people like to drink tea first thing in the morning, some like to replenish themselves during hot afternoons with a chilled iced-tea and some like a good warm cuppa at night.

    What is Chai Tea?

    Chai is a specific type of brewed tea that originated from South Asia and is now making rounds everywhere.

    What is Chai Tea?

    This type of tea is specifically made with black tea, where tea leaves are usually steeped in hot water, then milk (usually whole milk) is added to the tea and it is sweetened using sugar or jaggery. Spices such as ginger, cardamom or cinnamon are also added to enhance the flavor.

    Chai, Community and Conversations

    Chai is deeply embedded in South-Asian culture, it is not just a beverage that people have, rather, it is a communal affair. Meetings are held over tea, people go to meet others at the cost of a cup of tea, friends have night-outs at chai spots, people who are feeling sick generally prefer chai over soups to feel better. So, chai is a prominent part of South Asian culture and is now gaining popularity world-wide.

    Pregnancy & Chai Tea

    Pregnancy is a life-changing experience that women go through. It has many ups and downs attached to it. Where on one side there is a feeling of empowerment that you are about the bring an entire human being in this world, on the other hand, the growing aches and pains seem like they will never diminish. During this rough time, a good cup of tea seems like a blessing.

    Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

    Chai is a common staple for women in pregnancy as many women get a gush of calm as they take a sip of hot tea and feel like it soothes their soul. No one even bats an eye and pays any heed to check the safety of drinking chai during pregnancy, because how can tea be harmful, right? Have you ever wondered is chai tea safe during pregnancy?

    One of the main components of chai is black tea, which contains caffeine, and so the question arises whether chai or chai tea is safe to consume during pregnancy. Caffeine is a natural stimulant which is found in tea, of coffee, this stimulant has a deep impact on the nervous system and helps boost energy.

    Medically, is it absolutely safe to have chai tea while you are pregnant, if you are consuming chai within the given regulations. It may have a few drawbacks but it also has many benefits and so drinking it in moderation should not be a problem at all.

    How Much Chai Tea Can I Consume During Pregnancy?

    Caffeine is not considered a threat per se, but if you are pregnant, then high doses of caffeine can cause fatal problems to your baby. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels in your uterus and placenta and limits the blood flow, which causes fetal growth problems.

    The recommended daily dose of caffeine that pregnant women should consume is around 200 mg, and each cup of chai tea has around 30 – 40 mg of caffeine. However, many doctors recommend that you should have a maximum of 3 cups of chai a day, and not any more.

    How Much Chai Tea Can I Consume During Pregnancy?

    Benefits of Drinking Chai Tea During Pregnancy

    There are many benefits of drinking chai during pregnancy:

    • The kick of caffeine will help you remain active during the day.
    • The warmth of the chai will prove to be soothing for your senses.
    • Chai is usually made while whole milk, and cow milk is great for pregnant women as it provides many minerals and is a great source of calcium.

    Drawbacks of Drinking Chai Tea During Pregnancy

    The major drawback of consuming chai tea during pregnancy is that:

    • You are consuming caffeine, which is never good for your body during this phase.
    • Whole milk may cause allergies and makes you gassy as well.
    • During the second trimester, chai may increase heartburn and acidity.
    • Chai is usually sweetened with sugar or jaggery, and having too much sugar during pregnancy is not considered healthy.

    Chai Tea vs. Organic Pregnancy Tea

    The best alternate to your everyday chai intake during pregnancy is to have pregnancy tea instead. Organic pregnancy tea is a variant of tea that is absolutely safe to consume during pregnancy, it is especially formulated for pregnant women so you can sip away without fretting about anything. It has many benefits:

    • It is caffeine-free and safe to consume.
    • You do not need to add milk or sugar.
    • It comes in a variety of flavors.
    • All of the the flavors are specifically formulated catering to your needs and purposes.
    • Different teas are for different phases of pregnancy providing necessary benefits for each phase.

    Organic pregnancy tea may not be seem as tasty for chai tea drinkers as it is not sweet or milky (although you can sweeten it a bit) but it is a refreshing alternate and ensures great benefits for your growing body. People who are avid chai tea drinkers may find it difficult to adapt to organic pregnancy tea, but if they try, they will surely get used to the taste.


    If you are one of those people who wonder is chai tea safe during pregnancy, it is. Although chai tea does not bring much harm and is safe to consume during pregnancy, the problem is the quantity of chai tea that people consume. Too much chai tea is not safe during and that is what makes people skeptical about it. One or two cups of chai is fine and should not be a problem.

    But, on the other hand, people who are a bit too cautious and do not want to take any risks, should go with organic pregnancy tea which is caffeine-free and has a wide range of flavors to choose from. Some of the best organic tea brands are FDA approved and you can be assured that they are absolutely safe for you and for your baby.

    The safety and health of your baby should always surpass all other things, whether it is your craving to have a nice hot cuppa or anything else. All women put the needs of their baby first and that is what makes a woman a mom!