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When Should You Start Wearing a Belly Band During Pregnancy?

    Pregnancy belly bands play a vital role in alleviating back ache, pelvic girdle pain and general uneasiness during pregnancy. Pregnancy bands come in a variety of designs and the basic purpose is to lift your bump a little so that the downwards gravitational pull of the belly which causes fatigue and seems like a lot of weight can be distributed.

    Belly bands, or maternity bands are a useful way to continue your daily activities without the feeling of being tired as the main reason a pregnant woman feels tired is due to the excess weight she carries. Once the weight is distributed, the pressure on the hips, back and abdomen is released and you feel lighter.

    There is no established rule as to when you should start wearing a belly band. They can be worn in either or all trimesters, and even after you give birth!

    First Trimester

    The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. This is the phase where you find out that you are pregnant. You will usually pass this trimester with a bout of nausea and morning sickness and not much difference is seen as far as the bump is concerned.

    So, this is the phase where you can’t tell you are pregnant and thus, it is not really necessary to wear a belly band in the initial days as the main purpose of the bands is to support your belly. On the contrary, wearing a band so early in the pregnancy could lead to increased nausea and increased discomfort because it would be an added garment without much use.

    So, take it easy this trimester and wait for the other trimester to make your purchase!

    Second Trimester

    The second trimester, which is the fourth to the sixth month of pregnancy is the real game changer where your bulge becomes evident. So, apart from making baby announcements, the second trimester would be an ideal time to invest in a good belly band.

    second trimester of pregnancy

    The sole purpose of the band is to help your bump and to reduce pressure on your organs and bones. The second trimester is recommended because even though your bump is not too big at this point and is pretty manageable on its own, wearing a belly band now would be a good way to make yourself habitual of wearing this added piece of clothing.

    A lot of women find it difficult to wear this band if you start wearing it too late and so by making it a habit early on, you wouldn’t find it to be a hassle when you really need it at the end of the second trimester.

    “The second trimester would be an ideal time to invest in a good belly band.”


    Third Trimester

    The third trimester, which is final three months of your pregnancy, is when you need a belly band the most. This is when your bump is ever-growing and you put on excess weight, and this is when the gravitational effect starts taking a toll on you.

    third trimester pregnancy

    From back pains, pelvic pain, difficulty breathing and what not, this is the phase where you feel you have a boulder stuck to your tummy and its being pulled downwards. The belly band comes in handy for this feeling and to make you feel relieved of the fatigue caused by these issues.

    However, most women feel that if they start wearing the belly band in the third trimester itself, they can’t seem to make themselves habitual of putting it on, it seems like an inconvenience, it makes you feel even more hot than you do and causes general discomfort.

    In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to start using the belly band in the second trimester.


    If you think the belly band becomes useless once you have given birth, you’re wrong!

    The belly band is not only useful during pregnancy but proves to be very handy in your postpartum phase as well.

    Whether you have given birth vaginally, or by a c-section, you will have a loose, flabby tummy after you give birth. Belly bands are a great way to not only tuck the tummy and tone it but also to compress the tummy and give you warmth and help you with postpartum pains. According to a Health and Fitness Expert, Dr. Green:

    “After giving birth, the abdominal muscles can become separated, and belly bands can be particularly helpful to women in this situation.”

    California Ob-Gyn Dr. Michael Green, MD


    Belly bands are an extremely useful product for you and for your ease, if you use them correctly and at the correct time.

    What is the one thing that women want during pregnancy? Support.

    And that is exactly a pregnancy belly band promises to give. Support for your tummy, for your back, for your abdomen and for your mental peace (because wouldn’t you be at peace if you had one less pain to worry about?)