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Tummy Tape: Your Pregnancy Companion

    Belly Tapes are the new trending maternity accessory that nearly all women seem to be wearing. The concept of taping is not really new, but it has started garnering fame amongst pregnant women quite recently. The purpose of this Tummy Tape Review is to guide you regarding the concept of Kinesiology Taping and how effective it is.

    What Is Kinesiology Taping?

    Kinesiology is a form of therapy that deals with monitoring of the muscles and controlling muscles in order to rectify any muscle imbalance or disorder. Kinesiologists are experts who deal with muscle disorders and bring back balance to the working of the muscles.

    According to the National Institute of Health, in the 1970s, Dr. Kenso Kase conceived an idea to provide therapeutic relief to muscles and help control movement. He developed his idea on the age-old concept of medical taping which allows doctors to use medical-grade tape to wrap any injury.

    After tedious research, he came up with the concept of taping the muscles, which started to be called Kinesiology taping. This revolutionary concept changed the way people treated muscle injuries and started being used in numerous medical fields.

    Kinesiology taping is now widely used in therapeutic treatment of sports injuries, physiotherapy, post-surgery treatment, sprains, and everything that requires muscle control.

    Belly Taping During Pregnancy

    Taping your belly during pregnancy is a fairly new concept, however, the concept of taping is decades old. It has been used in medical fields for a long time and is considered relatively safe to use.

    The question that most women ask is why we need to use belly tape at all.

    What Is Kinesiology Taping

    The answer is quite simple. If you are pregnant and have reached the mid of your second trimester and your belly has started growing, have you felt tired because of the excess weight? To check this, do a simple experiment:

    Stand straight, and using both your hands, cup your belly from the bottom, and in a caressing-like posture, gently lift it up. Did it feel comfortable? Did you just take a deep relaxing breath?

    If you did, you would know why belly tapes are important. If you didn’t, then try again next month because your tummy might grow bigger by then.

    Belly tapes provide instant relief by redistributing the weight of your lower abdomen, back, hips, and groin area which leads to lesser back pain and comfortable breathing.

    Many women have a droopy tummy as their baby grows and it becomes a bit of an inconvenience to carry all that weight around all the time, especially if you know that your due date is a couple of months away. In this case, it is great to have some support for your belly so that you can move around comfortably.

    Women started taping their tummy and have claimed that it has done wonders for them. The best thing about belly tapes is that it is not bulky and are discrete, so you can easily wear them under dresses and no one would know.

    There are many belly tapes available and some of the best-selling ones include the Tummy Tape.

    Tummy Tape Review

    The purpose of the Tummy Tape Review is to identify all the different factors that Tummy Tape has to offer and what makes it unique as opposed to all the other belly tapes present in the market. The women of today want to be well aware of products before they make a purchase and consider all purchases an investment so reviews help them make informed decisions.

    Belly tapes come in the category of maternity support wear and are highly regarded around the globe due to the revolutionary concept, and Tummy Tape is one of the market leaders in this category.

    What Is Tummy Tape?

    Tummy Tape is a belly tape that helps you during pregnancy and supports your growing belly. The basic purpose of any belly tape is to provide comfort to you as the weight of your belly grows.

    Tummy Tape Review
    Image from Tummy Tape

    Often, when you are way into your second trimester, you might feel the extra weight on your belly due to the baby growing inside. This causes an inconvenience as it leads to many problems such as back pain, groin pain, sciatica, and just a general feeling of lethargy due to the excess weight.

    Tummy Tape tends to cater to this inconvenience and proposes a solution for it. It is a medical-grade tape that you stick on your belly, lifting the belly, and redirecting the weight off the hips and back so that you get some relief.

    By lifting the weight from your droopy tummy, you will feel lighter and have a sense of support in your belly. You will find it easier to walk around and be active when you don’t feel dragged down by your belly.

    Tummy Tape is one of the best belly tape brands out there. It is well-researched and proposes a uniqueness to its product, giving it a competitive edge over other belly tape brands.

    What Makes Tummy Tape Different?

    The experts at Tummy Tape have cracked the code to the perfect belly tape. The most common problem that all belly tapes used to have was that it was difficult to wear it on your own because it was a hassle to handle the tape, stick it, cut it, and put it correctly on yourself and people usually needed an extra pair of hands to do this basic job.

    Tummy Tape came up with a unique style of making the tape. They designed the belly tape in a spider-like way with a horizontal base and long, narrow channels attached to the base in a V-shape that allow you to stick the tape to your belly by yourself without anyone else’s help.

    You can say that the tape looks a lot like a cabbage. Like a vector image of a cabbage.

    The best part about this shape of the tape is that you don’t have to wrap your entire belly with tape, just a small piece covering your belly gets the job done.

    How Is Tummy Tape Different From Belly Bands?

    Even though both these products come under the same category of maternity support wear, they are completely different. Yes, both of them do provide support to the belly and help with backache, ease of breathability, provide support to your growing bump, etc.

    Tummy Tape for pregnant moms
    Image from NewsWatch

    However, the major differences between Tummy Tape and a belly band are:

    1. Discreteness – Tummy Tape is very discrete and no one would know if you are wearing it under your dress but a belly band would show and is quite bulky in most cases.
    2. Weightless – Tummy Tape is almost weightless so you would not feel that you are wearing anything but belly bands do have some weight and you would know that you are wearing something extra.
    3. Trouble Sitting – With Tummy Tape, you would not have any trouble moving around, especially sitting or getting up after sitting but a lot of belly bands require you to take them off before sitting and may feel uncomfortable.
    4. Compression – Belly bands offer compression to your tummy before and after delivery which gives you a feeling of support and protection and also curbs cramps to some extent. However, Tummy Tape does not provide any compression.
    5. Additional support – Some belly bands come with added support for the groin, back, or shoulders but Tummy Tape only caters to the tummy.
    6. Post-Delivery Usage – Most belly bands can be worn after delivery to provide compression and help with the loose skin but Tummy Tape may not be useful after delivery.

    What It Offers

    Tummy Tape offers a holistic product with numerous benefits. Some of the benefits that Tummy Tape has are:

    • Provides support to the back, hips, thighs, and groin area
    • Helps relieve the weight of the lower abdomen
    • Helps you stay active and protects the tummy from being too wobbly while you exercise and walk
    • Provides support to the belly
    • Helps with sciatica
    • Easy to wear and remove

    Product Details

    Tummy Tape comes in packs of 1, 5 and 15. Each tape can be used for around a week and then you might have to change it. They are waterproof so you can wear them in the shower and you won’t have to worry about them coming off.

    Tummy Tape for Pregnancy

    Size & Color

    It comes in one size but is available in a range of colors such as light blue, dark blue, pink, beige, and baby pink.


    Tummy Tape ensures that their product is lightweight, aerated, breathable, and soft so it won’t be harsh on your skin. It is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex so it gives a soft elastic feel.

    The adhesive used is carefully selected so that it does not cause your skin to be sore. The adhesive is made from 100& poly-acrylic and is totally drug-free.


    Made from water-resistant materials, the Tummy Tape is waterproof and can be worn while you shower, or even go for a swim. The adhesive will get weak over time and you will have to change it after wearing it for a week.

    Tummy Tape Discount

    By simply applying the coupon code “BELLYBUMPYRIDE” at the checkout page of Tummy Tape, you can enjoy a generous 10% savings on your purchase.

    Why Is It So Popular?

    The reason it is so popular is because it can be worn by yourself and it is extremely easy to wear. The other best thing is that it is absolutely discrete and it is compact so you can wear it and no one would know that you are wearing belly tape.

    Whom Is It For?

    Tummy Tape is great for women who:

    • Want to get some relief from pregnancy ailments such as back pain and tummy cramps
    • Pregnant women who like to remain active during pregnancy
    • Pregnant women who don’t like wearing bulky belly bands
    • Pregnant women who want belly support that is discrete and doesn’t show

    How to Wear Tummy Tape

    Tummy Tape is relatively easy to wear and can be done by yourself, which might not be possible with other belly tapes available. It comes with a paper at the back which is used to cover the adhesive and has number markers on it to guide you on how to stick the tape on your belly.

    Tummy Tape Reviews
    1. First, you will have to stand in front of a mirror so that you can see your belly properly.
    2. Take the Tummy Tape and take the paper off the base, or the bottom of the spider-shaped tape. It will have the marking ‘1’ on it.
    3. Stick the base of the tape on your belly, make sure you place it correctly and it is not too high or low. You will have to rub it a little for the adhesive to activate and stick to your belly.
    4. Then, peel off the paper with the marker ‘2’ on it and stick that on your belly.
    5. Follow it by peeling off the paper with the marker ‘3’ and sticking that, rubbing it gently to ensure it sticks in place.
    6. You can also check out How to Wear a Tummy Tape by Dr. Rachel Pope on YouTube as she gives a video guide on how to wear the tape correctly.

    It is easy to remove as well, however, if you have sensitive skin, you might need a Tummy Oil that they sell separately which helps you remove the tape, and soothes and moisturizes your skin as well.

    Tummy Tape

    9 out of 10

    The Tummy Tape is a unique variant of the belly tape and is extremely easy to wear while providing all the benefits that belly tapes are supposed to provide.

    It comes in a compact shape and the medical-grade adhesive caresses the tummy completely while lifting it and providing you relief from back pain. It also helps you with tummy cramps.

    Level of Comfort
    9 out of 10
    Breathable and not bulky
    9 out of 10
    Easy to wear by yourself
    Value For Money
    9 out of 10
    Priced fairly competitively, it is reasonable for all the benefits it offers.

    What We Liked

    Provides support to the belly, back, and hips

    Is discrete and doesn't show under clothes

    Easy to wear by yourself

    What We Disliked

    No additional support for back or groin

    Does not provide compression


    A lot of people wanted the Tummy Tape Review to know for themselves how effective the Tummy Tape is. It is safe to say that the Tummy Tape is a genius new invention and is proving to be one of the best-selling belly tapes on the market. Tummy Tape also provides free shipping and a 100% money-back policy so if you don’t like the product, they will refund you all the money back.

    Their confidence in their product and its viability is shown in these policies as they know that people don’t often return them and they know this won’t really happen because you will definitely like the product and keep on coming back for more.

    So, if you are on the journey of pregnancy, and are looking for additional support and an easy, independent way to support your belly, then Tummy Tape is just the thing for you.